The view from Solsbury Hill, Bath. Feb 2012.

Welcome to Great Western!

Christian Reflections on music, politics…anything!

Hi! I’m Paul, and this website/blog is where I share my thoughts.

Here you will find articles about the Christian faith, aviation, pop/rock music, Ireland, politics….and anything else I have an opinion on, or an interest in!

You will also find music and information about the 11th Hour, a sometime Christian pop/rock band from Oxfordshire. Just check out the 11th Hour categories (left) to see posts about about the band, lyrics and some comments about the story behind the song. Use the built-in media player to play tracks on the pages.

The 11th hour - 'Milestone' album cover
The 11th hour – ‘Milestone’


Enjoy Great Western responsibly!   🙂

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