Paul & Russell

Paul and Russell have composed several songs together. One of these, On and On (recorded 2002), has not had any offical release.
A great little spiritual number, the recorded version has a wonderful Spanish/Mexican/Spaghetti Western feel. As I often say, recording is a mystery, and it is possible to create wonderful soundscapes almost without thinking. Often this is how the best material arises!

Here it is!

© 2001 Russell Dyer & Paul Jackson


On and On, the story never ends
On and On it goes
On and On, the story never ends
On and On it goes

Tear down your barns
Build bigger ones
Check to see how your pension’s grown
You say you don’t believe in God
I say we didn’t get here on our own


You say you believe
Just what you want
And you know it’s true – true for you
But if you’re wrong – the Bible right
Then you’ve got so very much to lose!

Middle 8:

But wait a minute, my friend!
You can’t take it with you
Have we missed the point of life?
Wait a minute, my friend
We’ve got to face it soon
Your time is drawing, nigh…



 On and On and On it goes
On and On it goes………..

Paul’s 40th Gig – October 2010

October 2010 in Corsham Town Hall

Variously plagued by ill-health and injury, the performance at our first live performance in many years was missing key members Jez and Russell (who ended up acting as sound man). Old friend and sometime keyboard player for the band, Paul Hazell, manfully deputised on drums (with no rehearsal!).


Paul – vocals, guitar, bass

Andy – vocals, guitar, keyboards

Steve – vocals, guitar

Paul Hazell – drums

The gig was ambitious. Held in the daytime, it lacked a little atmosphere and most of the guests were deep in conversation rather than listening to the band. The initial set was patchy but the second set took off with a barnstorming Sweet Home Alabama – and the rest was history!

The gig was ultimately quite a rousing success. It was notable for the only outing of the most recent collaboration between Paul and Russell – Something That Will Last. This reflective song looks back over past years of being a Christian, and then looks forward to the believer’s glorious destiny in heaven. The track is a big favourite of mine!

Sweet Home Alabama (c)Rossington/Van Zandt, 1974

Spirit From Above

Something That Will Last