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Spirit From Above [Psalm 139] [First EP]

(Inspired by Psalm 139)

© 1994-5 (Jackson/Dyer)

Going away, but I know the Saviour’s love is never far
I’m led away, but with God in front the path is never dark

If I rise on the wings of the dawn, I know you’re there
And if I settle on the far side of the sea, I’ll know you’re there

Oh Lord, where can I hide from your Spirit?
Oh Lord, where can I flee from your love?
Oh Lord, where can I hide from your Spirit?
Grant me the Spirit from above

Whatever steps I may take in the journey of my life
I know that God longs to see me leave the wrong, and choose the right

When I’m away from the friends and the family that I love
It’s good to know I have a friend that cares for me from up above

Oh Lord, where can I hide from your Spirit?
Oh Lord, where can I flee from your love?
Oh Lord, where can I hide from your Spirit?

Grant me the Spirit from above (x4)


Paul: “This was written in late 1994. I had a chorus and a first verse, and left the rest to Russell to finish – a very Lennon/McCartney way of working! I seem to recall arriving at Grove Evangelical for an evening service after a weekend away and we were due to perform this song to the congregation. Russell showed me his further three verses and said “Is that alright?” kind of thing. We performed it there on the spot! (Well, that’s how I remember it, but who knows?) I do know the famous riff came in early 1995, and that was a pure fluke when I was experimenting with the top two strings of a guitar!

Were those verses ‘alright’? – they were absolutely wonderful! A model of elegant simplicity. Poetry. A great song about God’s fathful presence.”

PJ on ‘First’ version: “The first released version of this 11th Hour classic. A reasonable version had been attempted in 1999 but no-one was terribly happy with the wobbly tempo, which was part and parcel of the painful early recording methods.

From the first bars, there’s plenty of excitement. Unlike previous attempts, the momentum continues after the (shortened) first chorus, one of Andy’s suggestions. Also look out for the gorgeous piano counter-melody that links the verses.

For the first time, the end section’s ‘duelling guitars’ are captured. Listen out for Russell’s patient and bluesy fills giving way to another hard rock wig-out from Steve!”

Reminds Me of the Son [First EP]

© 1997 Paul Jackson

Each time I hear a song of beauty
Each time I’m lifted by a melody
I’m reminded of your Son
From whom all this blessing comes
And if all this seems too much for me to take
Just imagine how I’ll feel when I see your face!

When I walk the sand at midnight
Hand in hand with my sweetest love on Earth
And although I might pretend
That our love will never end
I remember that our lives are but a breath
And eternity with Jesus is my rest

Middle 8:
These are the things I bring to mind
When the light’s gone out and I no longer see
The world has all but turned to stone
Will Jesus ever set me free?

When I consider what your hands have made
Love and care in everything you’ve done
And this world can be such fun
But it’s not the only one
So be reminded of the Son that sets you free
Each time you hear that sweetest melody

PJ on ‘First’ version: “Originally attempted live in Summer 1997, soon after its genesis. Andy brings some keyboard dexterity to this interesting piano ballad about Creation, beauty, depression and, ultimately, God’s complete trustworthiness. Attempted live several times since ’97, this recorded version has a definitive feel to it, thanks to some really emotive trumpet work on the middle 8 and fade-out. And, yes, the big echo hi-hat sound in the early verses is trying to sound like the album version of ‘Let It Be’!”

In Your Presence [First EP]

© 2002 Andy McKenna & Paul Jackson

Lord, I’m climbing
Up to another day
Lord, I’m trying
To walk the narrow way
But I’m finding
My heart can go astray
Leading me away from you

Chorus 1:

But I’ll rise up on those eagle’s wings
I’ll walk and not grow faint
In your presence, there is great joy
And your holiness, lights up my tired eyes
Take evil away, remove the sorrow from my heart
Lord, do a work in me
Lord, please set me free

Surrounded by your presence
You’re Faithful and True
Lord, may I never stop thanking you
Come, Lord Jesus, fill me anew
Fill me anew

Chorus 2:
And I’ll rise up…

Verse 3:

Chorus 3:
Yes I’ll rise up…

PJ: “Something new! Andy’s own song gets some well-deserved airtime. A great hymn of longing for God’s felt presence and assurance. There are a lot of musical textures in this song, as you’d expect from Andy, and a lot of space for the music to breathe. The fadeout section with piano solo (4:05 onwards) is redolent of early 80s ‘Soul Mining’ by The The, particularly the Jools Holland solo on ‘Uncertain Smile’ (just nod if you don’t know what I’m talking about!). It transpires that Andy is a fan of Essex’s finest jazz pianist, so perhaps there is some unconscious inspiration going on here!”

I Can See Her Face [Hidden Track]

© 1993 Paul Jackson

Waltzed up to me, she was just about five foot five
From that moment on, I knew what it was to be alive
The things she made me feel, a thousand poets couldn’t express
I was trying to say the words but I knew they’d come out a mess

High street, I’m looking scruffy, here she comes the other way
Wished I’d changed my clothes and I wish my hair would get up and stay
Briefest smile, eyes are touching, nothing I can do or say
Back to square one, as she walks off to another day

Time’s passed, and years later I can still remember those days
Everything’s the same with me, never making any headway
The past is always smiling and I wish it never went away
But I’ve got hope for as long as the memories don’t fade

Eleven thirty Sunday evening trying hard to slip away
Memory, image forming, just the same as yesterday
But I’m mistaken!
The image is being taken
To the little bunch of thoughts at the back of the brain
Where every little moment just remains the same..

I can see her face
I can see her face
I can see her face
It’s a perfect reproduction of a time and place

I can see her face

Paul: “An interesting one this. A song with a very simple chord pattern that seemed to be (slightly) based upon ‘R.O.C.K in the USA’ by John Cougar Mellancamp, a song I enjoyed in the 80s (although I subsequently realised it had some unhelpful lyrics in it…like so many good tunes).

The song is about that feeling of having a memory come into your mind very forcibly, so much so that you actually feel that you are back ‘there’, wherever that might be. I think it is the sort of thing that happens when you hear a certain piece of music. In my case, my post-adolescent mind remembered the face of someone I had been keen on a few years before and I thought I could remember her face particularly vividly on one occasion. Verse three is a bit self-indulgent from today’s viewpoint, twentysomething angst in the face of another rejection, perhaps? Well, it all turned out right for me in the end and Liz was worth the wait!

Steve broke up the rather cyclical pattern of this song and made it much more of an epic for the version we eventually took on ‘tour’ and recorded. An incredible Edge-like guitar delay slowly moves in, followed by bass notes and Russell’s rock-solid rhythm guitar building to a cresendo and fade-out. It’s an unusual structure with only one chorus, right at the end. I liked the way that Pete Townshend would sometimes end his songs with a chorus or a fade that was completely different from what had preceded it.

And, yes, this is the ‘hidden’ final track on Milestone, exactly as it appears on ‘Calling Earth’. We couldn’t better it!”

Don’t Run from the Light

© 1994/97 Paul Jackson

Don’t run from the light
Don’t run from the light
Things will only get darker in the night

Don’t run from the sight
Of Someone so pure, so bright
Because the hand that you’ve been holding
Is really nothing short of a lie
And the hand that seems so easy
Wants to blind you ’til the day you die!

Don’t run from the light
There’s really no need to fight
Because the things that you’ve been hiding
Will eventually come to light
But if you’re sorry and you mean it
Then the Lord will set you free for life

Don’t run from the sound
He’s calling out all around
And if you dare to listen
He’ll illuminate your fallen plight
And if He speaks the truth
Then you’re taking up your cross tonight


Please don’t fear the preaching
It’s only truth that I’m teaching
And if you feel discomfort
Rest assured it’s hands of love I hold out
And if you think I’m crazy
Then I think it’s more to do with doubt

Go walk in the light
Go walk in the light
And now you know you should do
Then this is your appointed time
You’ve started on the journey
And He’s with you all down the line

(End phase)

Jesus, the Only One
Jesus, God’s Only Son
Don’t run from the..
Don’t run from the..
Don’t run from the light
(Ad lib to fade)

Paul: “It was 1994 and I was home from University on holiday playing around on my guitar. I stumbled upon this riff which I was particularly pleased with and started writing some lyrics. They reflect what I still passionately believe – you can continue to shut out Christ, the Bible and preaching, but it won’t get you anywhere in the end. Every moment of trying to enjoy the pleasures of the here and now, at the expense of knowing Christ, will plunge a person into the ‘outer darkness’ (Matthew 25:30 KJV). People are always on the look out for a good party, but Jesus warns us to make sure we are in attendance at the best party of all – His! Things will only get darkner in the night, so take this song as an impassioned plea to receive the salvation that Christ commands all of us to receive.”

Face is of a Beauty

© Steve Gascoyne

Your face is of a beauty I can’t picture
And a thousand words can’t describe your loving smile
I watch you travel miles through this life’s dark adventure
Travelling upstream against the current I watch you go
As you grow tired
And this pain was all you knew
And yet you still smiled
Is that why I love you so?

I see your photo smiling from the sideboard
And I think of you and when you were a child
I’ve cried the silent stream that runs to your pillow
You looked up, the tears were running down your face
I tried to wipe them
But they were cried many years ago
Disillusion and disappointment
Now you’ve got to let them go

Chorus 1:
Don’t know why I love you so
I can’t get it out of my mind
It picks me up and throws me down
Makes me feel kind of funny inside
But even though it hurts me so
One thing I can’t deny
That this love, oh! this love’s the best love that I’ve found

Now in the garden a young man he was crying
And as He prayed, the blood fell to the ground
He knew His fate, He knew that he could save us
He turned around and found His friends asleep on the ground

He had to leave them
It all happened years ago
But at that time they did not know
To what lengths His love would go
(Now I ask you)
Is there anywhere in this world where my Lord’s love can’t go?
Or a mountain He could not melt down to the sea?
For I was lost, hurt, upset and so unhappy
That He found me and gave His love for me

Can I deny it and say that it’s not true?
To say that He never loved me, believing the lies I once knew?

Chorus 2:
Don’t know why I love Him so
I can’t get it out of my mind
It picks me up and throws me down
Makes me feel kind of funny inside
But even though it hurts me so
One thing I can’t deny
That this love, oh! this love’s the best thing that I’ve found

Hope in the Saviour

© 1996 Russell Dyer

I’m getting tired just by living
In a land in love with sin
Evil deeds are all around me
And evil thoughts lay deep within
But there’s hope in the Saviour
He can wash each sin away
Yes, there’s hope in the Saviour
If you turn to Him today

For many life is just expenses
Oh, so many bills to pay
Will I ever be in credit?
Will a fortune come my way?

Chorus 2:
Well there’s hope in the Saviour
He has riches stored away
Yes, there’s hope in the Saviour
If you turn to Him today

A class of children and a madman
Faced each other yesterday
For reasons best known to the madman
He took their sweet young lives away

Chorus 3:
But there’s still hope in the Saviour
He will wipe each tear away
Yes, there’s hope in the Saviour
Turn to Him, there is no other way

Sadness is a feeling caused by living
A fallen life weighed down by sin
The problem seems too big to handle
Where on earth do I begin?

Chorus 4:
There is hope in the Saviour
If you trust and obey
Yes, there’s hope in the Saviour
If you turn, to him, today

Repeat last line twice


© Steve Gascoyne

For the prayers I never prayed
And the tears I couldn’t cry
And the time I never gave
Cos I couldn’t find the time

And I saw you sitting there
As the tears ran down your face
And I knew I could’ve been
If I only gave

Oh, Lord Jesus, help me be the man you want me to be
I’m trying hard, Lord. Don’t leave it all up to me
This road is long, so hard, so why can’t we?
So help me to be me

I remember your sister
And the joy she gave to me
And I think it’s so sad
If we don’t remember her name

Oh, Lucy, I love you
And I won’t forget your name
I can’t wait till Jesus comes
And I’ll see you again

The road is long and winds up so steep
It falls down, down, until you don’t know where you are
Just about keep it together, until suddenly,
it all breaks down
And you’re left there
And Jesus carries you through


We all feel like we’ve had it so bad
All the tears, the hurt and the pain
But in truth I know you’ve had it much worse
Can you ever learn to trust again?
It isn’t always going to be like this
These tears will be wiped away
The one’s cried deep down inside
That never see the light of day