CSNY 1974


This is a very interesting article (thanks @alansarchives) from David Crosby and Graham Nash about the 1974 CSNY tour that has finally been immortalised on CD/DVD/BluRay etc.

We learn from this article (and others connected with this new release) that Crosby didn’t call this the ‘Doom Tour’ because it was a particularly unpleasant experience, but rather because it was hard work to perform well to such gigantic audiences. However, no-one involved denies that there was plenty of excess on this tour and, this being CSNY, there were no doubt plenty of arguments and an unpleasant atmosphere for much of the time!

It’s interesting to note how the current crop of interviews (and Nash’s recent biography) all seem to be keeping to the party line that, yes, Neil Young is a bit weird and ‘only the music matters’. There seems to be a concerted effort to play down the personality clashes that have dogged the world’s greatest supergroup, particularly when Neil Young is involved.

I’ve put the CD box set on to my Amazon wish list and will probably get it next birthday or Christmas. £50 is very, very steep in my opinion, so this is not an instant purchase for me, by any means.

The latest Mojo magazine has a sampler CD (which seems to contain 5 tracks from the box set, although I’m not totally clear about this) and it sounds pretty good.

The CSNY 1974 release inspired me to pull out my CD of CSNY’s 1970 live album ‘4 Way Street’. Strangely, this wasn’t actually a great idea, as each time I play this CD I realise that I don’t like it that much! Although there are a few high points (mainly from Neil Young) this has always struck me as a very rough-sounding document of the band live. The singing is poor in many places (was this the tour when Nash lost his voice? He is particularly hoarse). Sounding more like enthusiastic pub rockers than the supergroup who seemed destined to take over the mantle of the (recently defunct) Beatles.

I am hoping that Graham Nash and Joel Bernstein have produced a substantially better sounding document in ‘CSNY 1974’. The rave reviews in the music press would suggest they have, which is good news for fans everywhere.


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