‘First’ EP – 2003

First EP

Recorded at Stanford Sound, Oxfordshire, October 2002 – Feb 2003.

Copies distributed on CD: ~50

Cover by Sam Dallyn

Question: What do you get if you mix a frustrated home studio enthusiast and a talented multi-instrumental music student? Answer: ‘First’, by Jackson-Mckenna…

This was Paul’s colloboration with the multi-talented Andy Mckenna, who offered keyboards, guitar, vocals and trumpet to the EP. At the time of recording, Paul had only known Andy about 6 months. However, this project led to enjoyable (if infrequent) work together, mainly in live performances.

Paul Jackson:

“This EP happened because Andy and I had recently met on a UBM beach mission in Looe, Cornwall, August 2002. We clicked immediately and started to record music together the first chance we got, which I think was November. It was also written to encourage a Christian student friend who was spending a lonely year in Spain.

The core of the album was laid down in two hectic weekend sessions, with Andy staying the weekend at Stanford Sound. I oversaw Russell and Steve’s contributions, without which, the album would have been a guitar-solo-free zone…and who wants that?

I did the production and mixing with moral support from everyone else. The whole enterprise was squeezed into a busy time as preaching engagements abounded and the PFS (FIEC’s Prepared For Service course) assignments were coming thick and fast! Finishing ‘First’ was sometimes frustrating and trying, but I hope you will agree that it was worth the effort. The EP still sounds fresh today. It is arguable that this version of ‘Spirit from Above’ is slightly more gripping than the Milestone version as the excitement seems to build and build, but don’t let me put thoughts in your head!”

Track Listing & links to song pages:

1. My Inspiration
2. In Your Presence
3. Reminds Me of the Son
4. Spirit from AboveĀ [Psalm 139]

Backing vocals: Russell Dyer
Guitar solos on Spirit from Above & My Inspiration: Steve Gascoyne

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