My Inspiration

© 1999 Paul Jackson

If I stop to consider, the length of a year
A year ago seems like yesterday
But last week’s not so clear

I woke up this morning, as tired as a year ago
I drag myself through another day
Am I knocking on heaven’s door?

You don’t have to make time, for the cares of the world
If its prince had his way
No prayers would ever be heard


But every week I have this inspiration
I see your plan before me
I see your plan unfolding
You’ve given me the strength to carry on
You’re my inspiration
You’ve given me the strength to carry on
You’re my inspiration

See a man with a mission, see a man called Paul
Can anybody give more
When they give their life to the Lord?

I could talk about my failings, but I’m set free to serve
If I let you down a thousand times
I am sure to be restored


Middle 8:
(Guitar Solo)
Give Him six days to make the world
Give Him three days to change the course of history
Give me a week and I’ll use it well
Because Thou art with me


PJ: “I distinctly remember sitting on my bed at Tyrell Close in October or November 1999 with an acoustic guitar. I was whacking out this riff, quite simple really, and coming up with this unusual shuffling rhythm. The words tumbled out as a God-given gift (I hope) and I thought it was a great song. Written very quickly, possibly in one sitting. I like it because it is obscure enough to be an Eleventh Hour song rather than a church song, but the meaning is still very clear: God, Lord, you are the centre of my very being, all that I have and all I want to be. You’re my inspiration!

The first verse sums up my preoccupation with the passing of time. It’s always been with me. From my earliest years, I was always thinking back a day, a week, a month and a year and pondering all the things that had happened in between. Why DO some things remain so clear and the mundane aspects of life disappear into a blur? Answers on a postcard to the usual address….

I seem to have sung the chorus hundreds of times! (In fact I reckon this must be the most performed song out of everything I’ve written.) It’s all about Sunday, actually. I find it such a refreshing day and, by God’s grace, a day of looking forward, planning where life may go next, and generally enjoying life. Even when I wasn’t a Christian it was a hopeful day, a day when life’s challengings looked a little closer to being sorted out. For the Christian it should be an exciting day when we realise we’re another week nearer heaven and a time to be refreshed by God’s strength. I pity people who use it as extra time for getting down to Tesco and Homebase….there’s so much more that God wants for us!”

PJ on ‘First’ version: “From the opening bars, it is clear that Andy is adding something very special to the music. The keyboards bring lightness and pace to a home recording situation that has often been characterised by disappointment.

The 11th Hour had always been impressive and powerful on stage but, at this point in time, no-one had never really captured that excitement in the studio environment.

One of the amazing things about the ‘First’ EP is the fact that all the drums were programmed on a Yamaha SW1000XG soundcard. (Quite where Jez was for these sessions, no-one seems to know!) Although never as good as real drums, the Yamaha lays down a solid beat for us to play against without being too wooden.

This version of My Inspiration is a definite improvement on the Calling Earth version in 2000 which was rather flat. There is a new punch to the sound. Andy’s keyboards bring a rounded multi-dimensional sound to the proceedings.

Does the voice helping out on the chorus sound familiar? Thanks, Russell!”